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Hair & Beauty Salons in Geelong is a common thing but the best, cheapest, affordable & stylistic facility having in every salon is not possible. Before starting our salon we thought as a customer, not as an owner. What a customer wants in a salon we observed & then we started our AJ7 Hair & Beauty Unisex salon.

Every owner wants his work would be the best, cheapest, affordable, stylistic, and friendly with skilled staff so we follow this & start our salon in Geelong.

The very first need is the best location so we find this location i.e. Shop 1/ 136, Pakington Street, Geelong West, 3218. The area where any customer can reach easily, comfortable place. Secondly, we need skilled staff, by the grace of God we have them. Thirdly the cheapest price, we tried to maintain our price list cheapest but no compromise in quality & standard. Fourthly;- affordable everyone wants to save his money either owner or customer, we keep this in our mind & took our customer preference first & make our salon affordable rate-wise too. Fifthly stylistic – if the salon is stylistic means work-wise, comfort-wise, work-wise, means your customer is happy & is the customer is satisfied means we are happy.

AJ7 Hair & Beauty Unisex Salon is always ready to give you the best service. You can book your appointment online according to your convenience either on the website or on our Facebook Page.

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